Touchless Vs Soft Touch


Although most dishes can get clean in the dishwasher, sometimes friction is the only way to get the dishes clean. It's the same when cleaning your vehicle. 

We use a patented closed cell foam material so that the brushes are not transferring dirt and scratching your vehicle. Our brushes safely clean and polish vehicles while minimizing the electricity, water and chemicals consumed. 


A Touchless Car wash works just like a dishwasher. The quality of the wash is a function of 4 key aspects: Temperature, Water Hardness, Chemicals, & Impingement. 


Our water and our soaps are heated between 100- 130 degrees to maximize the effectiveness. 

Water Hardness

All of our water is softened to 0 grains to enable the chemicals to work their magic.


We use low and high pH presoaks so that we wash the dirt as well as the oils and grease and organic material on your vehicle.

Impingement (Impact)

Our wash uses 28 zero degree turbo nozzles with a boom that contours each vehicle for maximum clean.